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Author: Kavaljit Singh
Bangali Translatator: Monwer Mustafa
Bangali Edition Editor: M M. Akash

Globalization has become the cliche of our times. The neo-liberal virus has struck almost everybody including within the ranks of the left.. The proponents of neo-liberal globalization claim that it produces “accelerated, efficient” development along with a deepening of democracy and human rights. However, reality shows the opposite and any rigorous examination of such arguments reveals their shallowness and inconsistency.

Social progress and democracy can only take place in tandem and on condition that we move away from the dogmas of neo-liberalism. This book underscores the point that current economic disasters are not the “price” we have to pay for a transition towards the promised paradise, but on the contrary are bound to get worse as long as neo-liberal economic policies are pursued. .

This book makes a critical analysis of several contemporary debates around globalization. With the help of case studies, statistical data and cogent analysis, the book debunks several myths associated with globalization processes. Written for a non-technical .audience readership, the author fundamentally questions the viewpoints held by the “hyper-globalists”.

His book not only contributes to deepening the current debates on globalization but ought to “” become an indispensable tool of analysis for concerned citizens, students, social and political J~ activists, labor unions, NGOs, and policy makers.

Published: 2005 in association with The University Press Limited (UPL)
Price : Tk 222.00

Sangrmi Nari Juge Juge (Women in struggle - in different era)

Sangrmi Nari Juge Juge (Women in struggle - in different era)

Women in struggle - in different era, is a collection of the unsung stories of the women who took part in various struggles in Bengal at different periods of time - from the anti-British movement to the liberation war. A total of 200 women, many of them unknown to the common people but whose contribution is unforgettable, shared their brave stories, experience and work in this book. The write-ups of this book is based on their interviews taken by the BNPS staff who worked hard in remote areas of Bangladesh and India in search of these unrecognized women. This book elucidates on the role of women in the struggles and helps to look at our history from a different perspective.

This book is divided into 2 volumes - each contains stories of 100 women. The stories in the first volume ranges from anti-british movement to the mass upsurge of 1979. The second volume covers the liberation war. Sangrmi Nari Juge Juge is edited by Rokeya Kabir, the executive director of BNPS, Selina Hossein, an eminent Bengali author and Ajay Dasgupta, an renowned journalist.

 Published date : 28 December, 1998
 Price : Tk 225, US $8

Establishing legal rights of Women: Some experiences of BNPS

Establishing legal rights of Women: Some experiences of BNPS

This booklet consists of 20 case studies taken from the organization’s working area highlighting legal difficulties that the poor women in Bangladesh face; and some findings based on the experiences that BNPS has gathered and the obstacles it has encountered in more than a decade while providing legal aid support.





Published date : January 1999

Local Politics: Problems and Possibilities in developing Women Leadership

Local Politics: Problems and Possibilities in developing Women Leadership

Author/Editor : Mozammel Haq

This booklet was published after the local government election of 1998 when, for the first time, women were elected by direct votes in % seats reserved for them.

It analyzes the condition of the women members of the Union Parishad, the only active tier of a 4-tier local government system of Bangladesh.



Published date : October 1999
Price : Tk. 20

Empowering Women for local governance and effective Union Parishad Empowering Women for local governance and effective Union Parishad

Author: Jyoti Prakash Chotyopadhaya

The women UP members in the working area of BNPS and fellow organizations have been mobilizing themselves through sharing meetings, discussion, debates, training, planning and other activities to ensure effective local governance and empowerment of women. This publication is an assortment of information collected from these events.





Published date : September 2001

Bangladeshe Fotowar etihash (History of Fatwa in Bangladesh)

Bangladeshe Fotowar etihash (History of Fatwa in Bangladesh)

Author : Mohammed Hannan Ph.D.

An analysis of fatwa (a legal decision or ruling by an Islamic religious leader) against development in the historical perspective, this book explains fatwa in Islam along with the history of fatwa in the subcontinent and how in the post liberation war period in Bangladesh fatwa has been used to stifle the freedom of expression and progressive thoughts. This book also reveals how women are the worst victims of fatwa.




Published date : Dhaka, 1998
Price : Tk 250.00 ($10)

Madrasah Education: An observation Madrasah Education: An observation

Author : Muzib Mehdy
Editor: Abul Mumen and Rokeya Kabir
Published date : May 2001

This publication is the continuation of BNPS’ earlier work on Madrasah Education, the first publication of this series being “Madrasah Education in Bangladesh: Background, Present Status and the Position of Women” published in 1997.

The fundamentalist forces, currently active, have emerged as a strong barrier to all progressive movements including the womens movement. In this context, BNPS felt the necessity to renew, reevaluate the data collected in the past studies as well as to reexamine the whole issue. This effort resulted in this booklet.

Translation from Bangla: Nadia Shabnam
Published date : September 2003
Price : Tk. 80.00 (English) and Tk. 60.00 (Bangla)

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Protibad o Protiroth (Revolt and Resistance)

Protibad o Protiroth (Revolt and Resistance)

The existing laws related to Violence Against Women in Bangladesh can not be effectively implemented due to various limitations. BNPS organized 6 divisional seminars to identify the actions to be taken to prevent Violence against Women with the participation of people from all spheres of the society. This publication is a collection of the discussions, recommendations, case studies, speeches presented in the press conferences and the speeches by the resource persons in these seminars.




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