news   BNPS consultation on status of women and minorities in electoral process: Women and minorities participation in next election is under peril
Coastal   The status of reproductive and maternal health in river side and coastal area
reproductive2   The role of family, society and state to reduce women's reproductive burden
Women Worker   Deprivation of women workers
liberation   Liberation War and Women Society
text   Gender Sensivity in Textbook
Reproductive burden   A TV talk show about Women's reproductive burden is aired on Desh TV.
policy_roundtable   A half-day policy roundtable entitled Advancing Public Participation and Accountability in the Budget Process.
Talk_show   TV talk show broadcasted on gender parity and girls’ education situation of Sandwip and Patiya.
pre_budget_2012_atn   BNPS Pre Budget Press Conference 2012 (ATN)
pre_budget_2012_btv   BNPS Pre Budget Seminar 2012 (BTV)
pre_budget_2012_mohona   BNPS Pre Budget Press Conference 2012 (Mohona)
pre_budget_2012_mytv   BNPS Pre Budget Press Conference 2012