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  JULY 19, 2012  | MORE NEWS

Honorable MP Mr. Tanvir Shakil Joy delivered speech at Kazipur Public Hearing.


Kazipur Public Policy Forum of Sirajgonj organized public hearings on 19th July 2012 at Upazila Auditorium with local administration, government officials of health, education and social services in presense of local MP on status and progress of girl's education and reproductive health problem and expectation of community. Md. S M Habibur Rahman, convener of KPPF chaired in public hearings. Honorable MP Mr. Tanvir Shakil Joy was the chief guest of the event. Prof. Md. Mojammel Haque Sarker, Chairman, Upazila Parishad, Kazipur, Mr. Saidul Islam, Upazila Execuive Oficer, Kazipur; Mr. Fazlur Rahman, Upazila Education Officer (Acting), Kazipur; Dr. Shamimul Islam Shamim (RMO), Upazila health (Acting), Mr. Selim Jahangir, Upazila Family Planning Officer, Kazipur; Ms. Safina Lohani, Director, SUMS was presented as special guest.  Mr. Rejaul Karim, Progam Officer, SUMS was the moderator of the program. In this program total participant were 261.

Objective of the public hearing was to build the interaction among KPPF, community, government officials and MPs and to draw attention of MPs for solving education and reproductive health problem of Kazipur. Ms. Sabiha Sultana Sapla, member, KPPF described the situation of reproductive and maternal health problem of Kazipur. Mr. Md. Refaj Uddin, member, KPPF demonstrated the status of girls’ education. Ms. Jui Parvin, member of KPPF said that the allocation for scholarship is insufficient and inadequate for poor student and the distribution is not done properly. In this context she wanted to know about the opinion of school management committee and Upazila education officer and their initiatives. KPPF member’s asked about initiatives of MPs for the demand side financing system of Char areas and the poor administration system like lack of materials, anesthesia medicine, and absence of gynecologist & women doctor, blood bank and ultra sonogram in health complex.      

After the questionnaire session, Mr. Fazlur Rahman, Upazila Education Officer (acting) said that research of KPPF will be very helpful to identify the problems. He also mentioned their limitations including lack of manpower that hinders the proper monitoring. He drew attention of  MP about appointment of officers and new teacher. Dr. Shamimul Islam, Residential Medical Officer and Upazila Health Officer (Acting), Upazila Health Complex, informed that some sub-center was not structured well. So doctor couldn’t stay there and couldn’t give their service to patient. It is difficult to ensure quality service without effective staff and essentials materials. He requested MPs cooperation to solve this problem. Mr. Md. Saiful Islam, UNO, Kazipur emphasized on awareness program in remote and char areas. According to him, local chairman should play a vital role to improve the health service and quality education system in char areas. He raised objection against UNO’s role described in the policy brief published by BNPS. However, he promised to assist DPPF members in all activities. Prof Mojammel Haque Sarker, Chairman, Upazila Parishad, Kazipur said that improvement of quality health service and stopping girls’ dropout from school can’t achieve because of lack of awareness. He stressed on proper monitoring by SMC to stop transfer of teachers. He suggested appointing local teachers to prevent ‘drop out’ of teachers.

Honorable MP Tanvir Shakil Joy said about Kazipur’s geographical situation. He said ‘There are no industry, institution, developed road and well resident area. There are no permanent infrastructures like industries, hospitals and road due to continuous river erosion. We should develop various ideas for solving these problems. Recently we have taken some special system for developing char areas. At first we must develop our madh road. Now we develop teacher’s bank to solve the dropout problem. We also expand monitoring system to monitor school management committee. I advised Upazila education officer to ensure teachers presence in the school. In char there is community clinic but no doctor want to go there due to private practice. For this reason community clinics are inactive. I request to Union parishod member to find out the actual situation of health sector and give me the information’.  At last he promised DPPF member to give his assistance. He declared that he will arrange an ambulance for the health complex and a river ambulance for patient of char areas within three months.


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