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  JUNE 21, 2012  | MORE NEWS

Women Members of Public Policy Forum with Honorable Parliament Member Ms. Sanjida Khtun (Women Leadership Training)


Leadership Trainning for women members in Public Policy Forum was held on 20-21June 2012 at BNPS Training Room in Dhaka. Twenty participants from Public Policy Forum women members of Sandwip, Patiya and Chittagong were participated in this training.  Shahnaz Sumi and Nasrin Begum of BNPS facilitated this two days training. Ms. Sanjida Khtun, Honorable Parliament Member was the chief guest of the innugural session of the training and she shared her experiences of being the top most decision maker which inspired the women leaders to play their role as a member Public Policy Forum.  

Training Objectives

  • Enhance participant’s knowledge on concept of advocacy and leadership.
  • Enhance knowledge and skill on advocacy, communication, social mobilization of Advance Women Leaders to play vital role in politics, decision making and lobbying work with local government, government health & education departments, service providers and MPs.

Training Methodology:
Following participatory methodologies had used:

1. Lecture Discussion     2. Brain storming    3. Question-Answer
4. Group Discussion       5. Participatory presentation  6. Classroom Exercise
7. Energizer & Game

Training Media/ materials:

  • Poster paper
  • Multimedia Video Projector
  • White Board
  • Marker
  • Handouts
  • Case


Result (output)
Participants’ recieved proper information and knowledge on concepts and context of leadership. They also have gained skill on implementing leadership techniques.

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