Organized Stage Show of SAAT (Seven) and Community Meetings
  July, 2016 | MORE NEWS  

BNPS has been awarded a project name Organizing Theatrical Performances and Community Meeting by UN Women to stage docudrama SAAT (Seven) in Netrakona. UN Women has been working on preventing sexual harassment. As part of this effort, the project is to contribute to the prevention of violence against women and girls in Bangladesh. The goal of the project is to contribute to strengthen civil society capacity to engage communities and public institutions in preventing violence against women.

Key to this project is the use of the documentary play `Seven' (contextualized for Bangladesh) as a tool to initiate a discussion on gender equality and sexual harassment prevention in the community. `Seven' is based on the real life stories of women's rights activists from Nigeria, Afghanistan, Guatemala, Russia, Pakistan, Northern Ireland and Cambodia, has proven to be a powerful resource for creating discussion, raising the visibility of women's rights and mobilizing action. The play has been recently translated in Bangla by renowned theatre activist Mr. Khairul Alam Sabuj under the supervision of UN Women Bangladesh Office.

The objective of the drama was to mobilize citizen's opinion to promote women rights and stop violence, inequality and discrimination against women and girls in Bangladesh. The particular output that the project will contribute to diverse stakeholders including women, men, decision-makers and others responsible for managing public space are actively engaged in campaigns to make their communities safer for women and girls at all levels.

The drama was staged in the Public Hall of Netrakona (the largest theatre hall available) on May 27, 2016. The real drama took one hour and thirty-five minutes to stage starting from 03:30pm to 05:05pm. Soon after the drama the post drama discussion session started and lasted for forty-five minutes. Nearly twelve audiences took part in the discussion and reflected their views on the drama watched and actions needed. Nearly five hundred audiences of diverse background and profession watched the drama.

The opening remarks made by UN Women representative Mr. Mahtabul Hakim, where the post drama discussion facilitated and closing remarks made by Director of BNPS Mr. Mahfuzul Bari Chowdhury.

Local celebrities were identified and selected as actors of the drama. They were: Mr. Golam Mostafa as Hafsat Abiola, Ms. Shewlee Chakrabarty as Farida Azizi, Ms. Shilpe Biswas as Mu Sochua, Ms. Purabi Sammanit as Marina Pisklakova Parker, Ms. Purabi Kundu as Annabella De Leon, Mr. A T M Razzak as Mukhtar Mai and Ms. Kalpona Gosh as Inez Mccormack.

After the stage show, BNPS Netrakona office organized number of post-drama meetings with the audience of the drama who were present in the stage show. The 1st meeting held on June 07 where 25 participants were present. The objective of the meeting was to make an action plan to reduce violence against women in their locality. After a daylong discussion and planning, the house could reach in a common understanding and made an action plan.

On June 20 2016, BNPS organized the 2nd discussion meeting with the Local Government Institution (LGI) members to identify their roles and responsibilities to stop VAW/G. Girl students, youth group attended to describe the situation of VAW that they face regularly to the LGI members.

In this program, students, youth group, civil society have drawn some recommendations to end VAW/G at Netrakona and the honourable Mayor of Netrakona Municipality has also pledged to the participants to work with them.

Mr. Nazrul Islam Khan, Mayor, Netrakona Municipal Corporation, said the present government of Bangladesh has taken breakthrough steps for the empowerment of women. Women are working in every sectors of the country alongside men. So we need to establish a safer environment for women everywhere. We need to work together with the people to stop violence against women as we have taken many steps and actions before.

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