Gender Responsive Budget Analysis and PRSP Related Publications/Reports of Bangladesh Nari Progati Sangha (BNPS)
ANSA Uniting Civil Society for Budget Accountability
(English Version)


Publisher: Bangladesh Nari Progati Sangha (BNPS)


Published: June 2013


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Women’s Share in National Budget
(Jatiyo Budget-e Narir Ongsho) (Bangla Version)




Author: Dr. Pratima Paul-Majumder





Reflection of Women’s Voice and National Gender Objectives in the National Budget in Bangladesh (English Version)
(Jatiyo Budget-e Narisomajer Hissa O Prapti) (Bangla Version)




Author: Dr. Pratima Paul-Majumder




Role of Fiscal Policy in Achieving a Gender Responsive National Budget in Bangladesh (English Version)
(Jatiyo Budget-er Gender Songbedonshilota Orjone Rajossho Niteer Bhumika) (Bangla Version)



Author: Dr. Pratima Paul-Majumder


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            Bangla BDT. 60.00


Factors Affecting Utilization Efficiency of Allocation Earmarked for Women’s Development in the National Budget of Bangladesh (English Version)
(Bangladesher Jatiyo Baduget-e Nari O Shishu Bishoyk Montronaloyer Jonno Boraddokrito Orther Bebohar Dokkhota) (Bangla Version)

Author: Dr. Pratima Paul-Majumder



Published: June 2007

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5 National Education Budget of Bangladesh and Women Empowerment
(Narir Khomotayon-er Upor Jatiyo Shikkha Budget-er Probhab) (Bangla Version)

Author: Dr. Pratima Paul-Majumder

Empowerment of women is one of the national goals of Bangladesh. To achieve this goal, Bangladesh adopted various strategies like elimination of the gap between male and female, creating gainful employment for women, mainstreaming of women in the development process etc., in her Five-Year Plans and other national documents. But the policy makers are not much aware of the fact that none of these strategies will be successful in empowering women until and unless they are educated, since without education women can neither be employed gainfully nor can be integrated in the national development process. Education has multi-dimensional impacts on women and these impacts are influential in empowering women. Researches show that education has highly positive impact on both women’s productivity and their social and political power in the society.
It was found that woman’s wage rate increases by 10% for each extra year’s education (Human Development in South Asia 1998). Researches also show that investment on women’s education has a direct correlation with eradication of gender discrimination in various spheres of life. Path-breaking findings of an on-going research of BIDS reveal that women’s education is one of the most influential factors for breaking the stereotyped gender roles, which are the biggest stumble on the way of women’s social and economic empowerment. This research further shows that education raises confidence and aspiration of girl children more than that of their counterpart boy children.

Published: May 2005
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6 Role of National Budget in Developing Entrepreneurship among women of Bangladesh (English Version)
(Bangladeshe Nari Uddokta Unnoyone Jatiyo Budget-er Bhumika) (Bangla Version)

Author: Dr. Pratima Paul-Majumder

Women are a part of the nation’s manpower. This manpower of Bangladesh has already shown its immense potential in different socio-economic sectors. Whatever development Bangladesh has achieved during the last decade has been made possible by controlling population growth, raising education level and by increasing its labor force participation rate. Available national statistics reveal that women played a dominant role in all these sectors. It has been found in various studies that even with limited access to productive resources, women have participated in the labour market in large number. Due to the participation of women in the labor force, the overall participation in the labor force has also multiplied in the past few years.

Women also have great potential as entrepreneurs, and this potential has been revealed in their efficiency to undertake a huge number of micro enterprises through using micro credit. Although women have minuscule access to big capital, findings show that they proved their efficiency in undertaking big enterprise too. It has been found that about 4 per cent of the garment factories are owned by women entrepreneurs (Paul-Majumder 2003). Thus, women constitute a potential group to undertake business venture. This potential should be reaped to the fullest extent not only for the well-being of the women folk of Bangladesh, but also for the development of the country.

Published: June 2006
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National Budget and MDGs for Women: Ensuring women’s fundamental rights and requirements is necessary instead of neo-liberal measures
(Jatiyo Budget O Narir Jonno MDG: Noya udarbadi pontha noy, proyojon narir moulik odhikar o chahidar poripuron) (Bangla Version)

Author: Dr. Pratima Paul-Mojumder
               Mr. Omar Tarek Chowdhury

Published: September 2010

Price: BDT. 60.00

ISBN: 978-984-8834-09-6
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Policies Budget and PRSP: Are They Prmoting Women`s Rights in Bangladesh? (English Version)

Author: Ms. Rokeya Kabir

It contains three different full length study reports name ‘Status of Implementation of Policies and International Commitments related to Women in Bangladesh‘, ‘Status of Women in the National Budget of Bangladesh‘ and ‘Addressing Women’s Advancements and Rights Issues in I-PRSP and PRSPs of Bangladesh’, conducted by Professor Salahuddin M. Aminuzzaman,Dr. Pratima Paul-Majumder and Dr. Kaniz N. Siddiqui respectively. All of the studies are commissioned by Bangladesh Nari Progati Sangha (BNPS).


ISBN: 978-984-506-038-7
Price: BDT 620.00


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A review of PRSP in Bangladesh from Gender Perspective
(English Version)




Author: Ms. Rokeya Kabir




Price: BDT. 60.00


Performance of the Annual Budget of the Ministry of Science, Information and Communication Technology and the Ministry of Information in Attaining Government’s Mandate of Empowerment of Women (English Version)




Author: Dr. Pratima Paul-Mojumder


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