Empowering Women, Peaceful Communities
  December, 2017 | MORE NEWS  

Violent extremism is a growing threat to countries in South and Southeast Asia. Over the past years Bangladesh has experienced a rise in religious extremism with growing violence against a range of groups including secular bloggers, outspoken critics of fundamentalism, members of religious minorities and foreigners. Women and religious and ethnic minorities in particular are targeted. In the context of the recent trend where women are increasingly being recruited to serve as direct and indirect sources of support for violent extremist groups, the importance of including women’s perspectives becomes more crucial in combating violent extremism to build resilient, cohesive and peaceful communities.

The need to address the differential impact of conflict on women, and the critical role of women in preventing conflict and building a sustainable peace has been recognized in Security Council Resolution. It emphasizes responses that prevent extremist violence, and urges Member States and the UN system to ensure that women and women’s groups are given meaningful opportunities to participate in these processes, particularly at senior levels, where prevention and counter strategies are designed and implemented. The resolution delivers a roadmap and issues a call to action for ensuring a gender perspective in all efforts to prevent and counter terrorism and violent extremism. Being a signatory Bangladesh government is obligated to formulate a National Action Plan on Women, Peace and Security.In this context, with support of UN Women, BNPS commenced a short-term project in the title “Empowering Women, Peaceful Communities” from May 2017.

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