Advancing Public Participation and Accountability in the Budget Process
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  OCTOBER 21, 2012  | MORE NEWS
  Review Meeting

Ms. Rokeya Kabir, Executive Director of Bangladesh Nari Progati Sangha (BNPS), is delivering her speech


The national budget is the comprehensive document which outlines the government’s interventions and services as well as political commitments. However, the national budget is beyond the reach and understanding of its primary beneficiaries - the people in most countries of South Asia including Bangladesh. According to the International Budget Partnership’s (IBP) Open Budget survey 2010 on a 100 point scale, average score for South Asia is 48 indicating that the budget process in most cases is either not transparent or accessible to people.  Advancing public participation in budget process, from formulation to execution, is crucial for reflecting people’s aspiration and enhancing accountability. The issues have been stressed in a discussion on Review of Institutionalization of Civil Engagement in Development and Implementation of Budget organized by Bangladesh Nari Progati Sangha (BNPS) on 21 October at Bengal Silpalaya, Dhaka.

Moderated by Rokeya Kabir the close group discussion was contributed by government high officials including Comptroller and Auditor General of Bangladesh, Parliament Members, Members of Parliamentary Standing Committees and civil society representatives. The discussion was a part of BNPS program on Advancing Public Participation and Accountability in the Budget Process with support of Affiliated Social Network (ANSA), South Asia. A policy round table held on 1st October and participated by Minister, MPs, government/non-government high officials, economists, members of parliamentary standing committees, civil society representatives, and media was the first step to this process.

Orientation for national level civil society actors and other stakeholders on budget formulation and implementation, series of dialogues with the stakeholders of selected sectors on how their recommendations and priorities are addressed in Budget and launching of a Platform on Accountability for Budget Formulation and Implementation will follow rest

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