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JULY 29, 2012  | MORE NEWS

Honorable MP Alhaz Mr. Shafiqul Islam delivered speech at Ullapara Public Hearing


Ullapara PPF organized a Public Hearing of Ullapara with the MP on 29 July 2012 at local BRDB complex. Honorable MP Alhaz Mr. Shafiqul Islam was the chief guest of the hearing. Dr. Md. Jalaluddin, Medical Officer, Upazilla Health Complex, Ullapara; Alhaz Gazi Md.Khalilur Rahman ,Vice- Chairman, Ullapra Uupazial Parishad, Dr. Answer Ali, Residencial Medical Officer, Mr. Jonab Ali, Upazilla Education Officer, Ullapara were the special guest. Ms. Afroza Yasmin Lipi, Vice-chairman of Ullapara Upazilla Parishad chaired the Public Hearing. In the meeting total 269 participants were attended. Government officials, advocate, journalist, CSO members, school teachers, NGO representative, different stakeholders and DPFP members were presented in this meeting.

Public Hearing title
Improving Adolescent Girl’s and Women’s Access to Public Health Services and Retention of Girl’s in School in Ullapara: People’s Expectation and Support from MP’s and National Institutions.

Program Objective
To raise and draw attention of Parliament Members to address the specific reproductive health problems and to improve retention of girl student in schools in Ullapara

The following issues was shared and discussed during the meeting
1. Situation of sexual and reproductive health services and problems encountered by adolescent girls and women  in Ullapara
2. Drop out situation of girls from school and problems encountered by adolescent girls and women in Ullapara.
3. Steps to be taken to improve community access to public services in Ullapara.
4. Identify the types and areas of support from MP and national level institutions to address the above-mentioned challenges.  

At the beginning of the program, Ms. Kamrunnahar Lucky, conveynor of Ullapara Public Policy Forum started meeting by welcoming everybody and introduced member of Ullapara Public Policy and their role and responsibilities. She brought up attention about the lack of services of their hospital. He said that pregnant mothers faced several types of problem. Also she shared the reproductive health situation of Ullapara and the specific causes of the maternal health problems. She mentioned about the transportation system, absence of doctor in community clinics, lack of knowledge of reproductive health system and insufficient manpower in the clinic.

Dr. Md. Jalaluddin, Medical Officer, Upazilla Health Complex said, Ullapara has poor infrastructure for health services.Reproductive and maternal health services is worse. There are some unions in Ullapara where the communication and the transport system are very poor. Ultra-sonogram can be done only at a private diagnostic centre. There is an operation theatre at the hospital, but it is non-functional because there is no surgeon is here on gynecology. Caesarean operation is not possible in Ullapara.

Another special guest Dr. Answer Ali, Rsidencial Medical Office, 2Bed Hospital said, Lack of treatment for problems related to reproductive and maternal health is severe in this upazilla.  Government is aware of maternal health situation and drop-out situation of girl chid from the school, but sometimes it may be failed due to proper monitoring. He requested to Upazilla family planning & health officer and Upazilla education officer to increase their visit and organise regular meetings.

Alhaz Gazi Md.Khalilur Rahman ,Vice- Chairman, UllapraUupazial Parishad said, There is the health service through the mobile phone at the Upazilla Health Complex, but community people do not get this service. Transport system is too poor for people in some remote areas like Lahiri Mohonpur to get any receive any reproductive and maternal health service.  

DPPF shared about the status of maternal health problem and dropout rate of girls’ form school of Ullapra and relevant local development issues to the attention of above-mentioned actors and community members and address those problems both locally and nationally with the active initiative of MPs in the parliament. DPPF increased its sphere of influence over MP of the Ullapara constituency, parliamentary standing committees on Health, Education, and Women Affairs, local government institutions and relevant government departments through network building with other stakeholders and sectoral interest groups (women, youth and cultural organization; non-state service providers). To reduce the MMR effectively, DPPF members introduce themselves as preventative of CSO members and emphasized on their activities regarding these issues in their area.They discussed with reference of Study findings (4 mothers mentioned their problem of abortion during pregnancy. 33.3% mothers (20 out of 60) said that their babies had died after birth and 16.7% mothers (10 out of 60) said that their babies were born immature. Here the number of the birth of immature babies is the second highest of the four areas surveyed in this study).They demanded the following initiative like Health service through the mobile phone has to be made effective and reproductive and emphasis should be given on maternal health issues.Caesarean operation should be introduced at the Upazilla Health Complex.Ultra-sonogram should be at the Upazilla Health Complex.A female gynecologist should be employed at the health complex.The ambulance which is out of function has to be made functional.Ambulance service should be ensured for hard to reach and remote areas.Intensive EOC should be introduced at the Upazilla Health Complex.Voucher scheme under DSF should be introduced.More health centres to be built Ensuring presence of health workers at the health centre Strong role of local leaders to ensure facilities at the health centre.Local leaders to be with community people at their crucial times.

After the questionnaire session Honourable MP Alhaz Mr. Shafiqul Islam said ‘Everybody should aware about the critical situation of pregnant mother. In the past pregnant mother lead a very hazardous life. But now, government trying to provide best services. Sometimes they are failed. The main cause of dropout from school is poverty. I am with DPPF member. I will try my best to improve public services. I appreciate this initiative and I will give my support.

At the end Ms.Kamrunnahar Lucky gave his concluding remarks and thanked everybody and closed the session.  



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